NJSA Start of season Open results

At the NJSA Start of season tournament this past weekend it was a battle royale as the age groups merged and players had to fight for their positions on the new season ladder. Some had a point to prove as they were seeded lower than expected and others had to defend fiercely against the onslaught from the players below them.

In the end there more than 330 matches played at 2 venues over the 3 days. Some players found out that they still have work to do while others were satisfied with their performance.

The age group winners were (Northerns unless otherwise indicated):

  • u19 – Robert Howarth and Helena Coetzee
  • u16 – Hubert van Eck and Awande Malinga
  • u14 – Joshua Deutschmann (Central Gauteng) and Jeanne Craig
  • u13 – Judah Phillips and Elzandri van Rensburg (combined girls u11 & u13)
  • u11 – Christian Swanepoel (FS)

Here are the full results: NJSA Start of season Sep 2018 Final results.