Results of the NJSA Closed tournament

Congratulations to all the players with a great weekend’s results – a very intense 3 days of squash with several games going to the wire. Thanks to all the players, court marshals, tournament referee and parents.

Running these tournaments takes an immense amount of pressure, and errors do creep in with the draw of this magnitude so I thank you for your patience and just allowing the kids to do what they were there for….play squash, reconnect with friends and have fun!

Please also take note of the Tournament Referee’s comments regarding the marking and refereeing:

  • Ensure correct calling terms
  • Be strict on times
    • 5 min warm up: Means the players must have equal opportunity to warm up
    • 90 seconds break between game: At 90 seconds the players must be ready to serve not then come onto the court
  • Lets
    • Players MUST attempt to shape and be ready to play the ball in order to ask for a Let
    • Simply catching a ball mid-air or not attempting to play the ball does not qualify for a Let
    • “No Let” is also a decision.  Do not be afraid to give a No Let
  • Injuries and Bleeding
    • Be aware of the rules of self-inflicted and contributed injuries
    • Bleeding is another critical rule and players must come off the court immediately to treat bleeding

However, a massive improvement from the beginning of the year.

The committee will capture the results and then meet to review the entire year’s results.  IPT selection is critical and not based on this tournament alone but all the NJSA Tournaments as well as other major school tournaments such as SA Closed, Bloem Open etc.  So you can imagine the task ahead for the selection committee.  We will strive to get the teams out soon so that the selected players can begin preparation and parents will get a feel for the budgets.

NOTE: Team selection will not necessarily determine team order at this stage and there will be a compulsory play-off weekend in which various chairman challenges will be requested.

Do not forget the CJS Pre-IPT Tournament 3-5 June.  Keep the weekend open and enter.