Home Frenzy Training Video 10

Morning all

Welcome to the final workout Home Frenzy of the series.

We hope you have enjoyed them and if you wish to continue, please:

Email: amffreboot@gmail.com
Andrew: 0845117844
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They will happily discuss how to receive more from this exciting series.

Home Frenzy 10

The Triple Threat!

TABATA Workout

1. Alternating ghost lunges
2. Double side-shuffle floor touch
– 45s work, 15s rest
– Repeat x 5 sets each

EMOM Workout
1. Squats – 12 full, 12 pulses & 12sec hold
2. Push-ups – X* full, X* pulses & X*s hold
3. Lunge dips – 10 full & 10s hold on each leg
– *X = 1/3 of max push-ups
(NB: Perform push-ups to failure prior to starting the EMOM Workout)
– Rest what you don’t work
– Repeat x 4 sets

FOR TIME Workout
1. 60 x forward up & over jumps
2. 60 x side up & over jumps
– Push through the incremental fatigue from previous workouts to record your fastest completion time!