Home Frenzy Training Video Day 4

Afternoon all

Did you know, we are now sharing the Home Frenzy Series with 8 provinces countrywide and now going as far as New Zealand, Australia and America!

We are enhancing the programmes, all free to share, as we progress so Home Frenzy 4 will require a google link for better quality. We will be posting the series on a public domain to download at your leisure.

Finally, watch out for the Junior Frenzy making it fun for all ages…coming out soon.

Are you ready?

  • Home Frenzy 4

More of a challenging routine than a challenge, to really step it up today.

Being a 6 min video the WA quality is not as good as we want, so please click on the Google link for a good HD quality view.


An advantage for this Frenzy is an app to time your event as below (Smartwod.timer)

Have fun all …

  • Note: Consult your coach for advice before commencing. This does not replace any current programmes.