NMSA Closed draws – final round

Here are the updated draws for the NMSA Closed: NMSA Closed 2014 Draws Final round.(UPDATED D-SECTION)

  • Venues: P = PCC and H = PHSOB. Check your time and venue on the draw.

The prize giving will take place directly after the finals that start at 11h00. Lunch will be ready by 12h15 and social after that. A sms will be sent to all players to get numbers for the braai – you will have to pay for guests who didn’t play in the tournament.

  • Please make sure you write your score on the sheet provided at the court after the match.
  • If you’re NOT playing at the designated venue and time, please inform the tournament convenor in advance.


  1. Players are obliged to mark/referee the following match.
  2. Men will play on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, with the final round on Saturday morning. Ladies will play on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with the final round also on Saturday morning. Please make yourself available to complete the tournament. D section plays on Friday as well.
  3. After the finals there will be a prize giving and social event. More information to follow.
  4. The Dunlop Pro ball (“Double Yellow dot”) will be used for the tournament.
  5. Scoring for all sections will be PAR to 15.