League concession due to holidays

It has been decided at a delegates meeting that an extension will be granted (until the 15th of May) to those who are unable to play their matches scheduled during next week (27 – 30 April) as a result of the public holidays, subject to the agreement of their opponents to play the match at a later date. These results must be sent to me by the 15th of May.

We normally have a very strict rule that all matches must be completed by the scheduled fixture date, but as a result of all of the public holidays a special concession has been made in this case.

The following to apply:

  1. All scores to be on the system by day end on 15th May, otherwise both teams lose all points.
  2. Clubs will be encouraged to still play these games on the scheduled dates
  3. Clubs wanting to postpone their games will need to convince their opponents to play the game later
  4. Clubs must be aware that the week of 11 to 14/15 May is being used for the NSA Closed.
  5. Mention be made that the requirement is normally to play beforehand, but that this is then a special concession.