NJSA Closed draws

Please find the draw for this weekend’s tournament below.  Just a few very important notes:

  • We are using Pretoria Country Club (PCC) and CBC Old Boys (CBCOB).  Please check carefully where you are playing. Boys under 11 and 13 play at CBCOB on Friday and Saturday and at PCC on Sunday.  Boys under 14 play at CBCOB on Saturday only, Friday and Sunday at PCC.  All other age-groups play at PCC for the duration of the tournament.  Entrance to CBCOB is the same entrance as Virgin Active in George Storrar Avenue (for GPS purposes).
  • You have to be at the courts at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • I have tried to accommodate all playing problems asked for as far as possible.
  • I cannot reschedule any matches now as all times have now been posted.
  • If you are playing in the 2nd round of the day, you have to mark and referee for the 1st round as well as after your own match!
  • You cannot change playing times unless cleared with the tournament organiser, your AGR or the tournament referee.
  • NB no-shows and players withdrawing without doctor’s notes will be penalised by NJSA in the form of a tournament ban or possible exclusion from future teams.
  • Enjoy the tournament!!
  • Balls: under 11 and 13 – double yellow dot, under 14 – 19 – green dot.

As this is a very important tournament, draws will be redone in the case of withdrawals.  Please check your e-mails and the website regularly for any changes!!

NJSA CLOSED 9 – 11 MAY 2014 DRAW v04 – boys u14, boys u19 and girls u13 updated.



map pcc