NJSA Start of season results

The inaugural tournament for the NJSA 2017 Season is done and we are humbled by the attendance and attitude of the players and parents. Almost 150 entries for a provincial tournament is an awesome achievement.

THANK YOU Easterns, Central Gauteng, Free State, North West and KZN for bringing players to Blue Bull Country.

Certainly one of the biggest entries experienced, learnings also dealt their hand, the odd miss-seeding or court timing, but for over 350 matches in 48 hours, it was a great experience for all.  Massive respect for the Bloem Open.

And little word for a big heart to Cassie Liebenberg, our 6 year old that played his first official provincial tournament.  Lost every match but had a smile of a champion!

NJSA is driving hard to increase the Marking and Refereeing standards, understanding of the rules and communication.  We ask the parents to do the same.  Encourage and support your kids, they just want to play and have fun, do the same.  Please keep an eye on our website for future tournaments and lets support our other provinces and go play there, it is an NJSA IPT selection criteria, but more importantly an amazing experience.

Thank you again to all involved, a weekend that brought great memories.


NJSA Committee