NJSA Start of season tournament draws

Please note the following critical requirements:

  1. VENUES will be
    1. Pretoria Country Club (PCC): 241 Sidney Avenue, Waterkloof, 0181 (S 25° 47′ 28″, E 28° 15′ 04″)
    2. Pretoria High School Old Boys (PHSOB): 378 Queen’s Crescent, Lynwood, Pretoria (S 25°45’ 34”, E28°15’ 12”)
    3. Venue will have refreshments for sale
  2. ARRIVE at least 30 minutes before your allocated timeslot.
  3. Matches will commence IMMEDIATELY after the preceding match is completed.  If both players are not available the next scheduled match will be played. We cannot wait for players.
  4. There are many SECTIONS this year and there will be CROSS POOL playoff’s (where applicable)
  5. Please REPORT to the control table upon arrival so that the court steward is aware you are at the venue
  6. Players WILL mark and referee (M&R) after their match.  FAILURE may result in disqualification from the tournament and disciplinary action.  A major focus for this season will be M&R and we are investing in ensuring we can assist and guide the players at every tournament.
  7. The players, marker and referee details must be completed on the SCORING SHEET
  8. Players playing the SECOND match of day must also M&R the first match of the day.
  9. The SCORING FORMAT will be
    1. U11 – u13: Best of 5 PAR 15 and the double yellow dot ball
    2. U14 – u19: Best of 5 PAR 11 and the single green dot ball
  10. PARENT involvement is not allowed during play.  Any disruption may result in penalties being instituted against the player.  We ask that the parents approach the tournament referee in the event of any incidences or enquiries.
  11. PRIZE GIVING will be at PCC after the final match on Sunday around 13h30.  Prize winners MUST please attend otherwise they will forfeit their prize.  Valuable feedback is also provided by the Tournament Referee.

This weekend is all about the players, so please encourage them, show enthusiasm of support, humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

Looking forward to a Happy Squashing Weekend:

Notes to the updated draws – this replaces all other draws issued or online:

  • Due to over 10 withdrawals yesterday, after issuing the Friday draw, there have been changes so please study the draw carefully.
  • It has been a long night and early morning so if unsure of anything please give me a call or even better WhatsApp me with your child’s name and age group.
  • When checking the draw, check the numbers playing e.g. A1 v A4 or C3 v C2.   This is the main indicator – in the event a name or two has got mixed up

Brett Cousins

Tournament organiser