NJSA Start of season tournament draws and info

Dear players and parents

Please find the draw for the upcoming tournament at the end of this post. Just a few important notes:

  • All under 11 and 13 matches, boys and girls, will be played at St Mary’s DSG  (Latitude 25º 45′ 21.88″ S Longitude 28º 14′ 27.54″ E).  Map attached.
  • All under 14, 16 and 19 matches will be played at TUKS (University of Pretoria)( S25° 45’ 10” E28º 14’ 46”). GPS directions to main sports centre, please view attached for map of courts (nr 9).
  • Prize-giving will be at Tuks on Sunday, hopefully around 13h00. Recipients of prizes in the younger age-groups will have to go to the prize-giving at TUKS to receive their prizes
  • I have tried my best to accommodate playing problems, but I have only been able to help in the first round as it will depend on wins and losses from there.  I am sorry for people travelling from other cities and who requested not to play on Friday, in was impossible in some cases.  It is also a very big draw and there are too many rounds to accommodate single players.  If you enter for a tournament you must be available for the duration thereof.  Please try your best to play all your matches.
  • You have to be at the courts at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.
  •  I cannot reschedule any matches now as all times have now been posted so please do not send in any more requests.
  •  If you are playing in the 2nd round of the day, you have to mark and referee for the 1st round as well as after your own match!
  • You cannot change playing times unless cleared with the tournament organiser, your AGR or the tournament referee and it is acceptable to the opponent.
  • No matches are to be played at another venue than at the ones stipulated!
  • NB no-shows and players withdrawing without doctor’s notes will be penalised by NJSA in the form of a tournament ban or possible exclusion from future teams.  It is disrespectful towards your opponent and the organisers.
  • Balls: under 11 and 13 – double yellow dot, under 14 – 19 – green dot

Enjoy the tournament and please take a few minutes to read the attached ‘Tournament Etiquette’ document!