Results of the Northerns Junior Open March 2015

Here are the full results of the tournament: NORTHERNS OPEN MARCH 2015 RESULTS.

The winners and runners-up were:

  • Gu11 & Gu13 combined: Danica Capazorio and Valmé Webster
  • Gu14 & Gu16 combined: Danielle Dreyer and Bronwen Doeg
  • Gu19: Amy Mentz and Cailin Doyle
  • Bu11: Nikhil Pather and Iwan van Heerden
  • Bu13: Damian Groenewald and Brett McLachlan
  • Bu14: Reece McLachlan and Brenden Smit
  • Bu16: Mikael Clayton and Stefano Pitsillis
  • Bu19: Cuan Verhage and Charl Coetzer