WSF Approved eyewear

It has come to Squash South Africa’s notice that the correct  WSF accredited protective eyewear is not being used.

For doubles and for players under 19 the correct eyewear MUST be used. All players under 19 – whether in or out of school – MUST wear protective eyewear at ALL tournaments/league matches.

Provinces/Tournament Organisers PLEASE enforce the use of the accredited eyewear.

Particularly concerning is the use of the eyeware bought at hardware stores –  a plastic shard in someone’s eye and perhaps the loss of that eye is worth a lot more than the price paid for the eyewear.

In the United States everyone including coaches are not allowed to step on the court if they do not have protective eyewear on.

Here is the list of approved eyewear: WSF Approved eyewear 2018

Liz Addison

National Director