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NJSA Start of season tournament

Here are the FINAL DAY draws for the NJSA Start of season tournament. Please adhere to the Conditions of entry and you’re specifically reminded of the following:

  • Draws must be checked for final venues and times at the start of the tournament.
  • Players MUST BE AVAILABLE for the entire tournament. Missed matches may be counted for ladder purposes.
  • Players NOT attending the prize giving will forfeit their prize.
  • Players are to ensure they ready to play 30 MINUTES before the scheduled time of their match.
  • Arriving later than 10 minutes after the scheduled time may result in the player conceding the match.
  • FOLLOW-ON system Players must go onto court immediately after the match prior to their scheduled match.

Please adhere to the rules pertaining to CONDUCT AND BEHAVIOUR:

  • Players are required to MARK and REFEREE matches (winner referees; loser marks) following their match or risk disqualification and/or disciplinary steps.
  • The 5 minute warm up and 90 second game break rule will be strictly monitored.
  • No parents/spectators are allowed to interfere with any marking or play.
  • No jeering or intimidation of players during and after play will be tolerated.
  • Players and spectators are expected to adhere and abide to the SA Squash Rules and Code of Conduct.
  • Instances of misconduct and bad behaviour will be severely sanctioned by NJSA.
  • The decision of the tournament referee is final.
  • No shows, late withdrawals or not marking may result in players being banned from future tournaments.
  • Use of PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR in every match is COMPULSORY – including during warm up or social games. (No exceptions shall be made).


Play well, play fair, good luck!